Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where did your retirement go?

We are constantly hearing from one source or another that social security, medicare and medicade don’t have enough money to continue operating. Sadly the general public doesn’t believe it but on the other hand nobody has thrown any real numbers out there for them to look at. What is about to be revealed will shock those that haven’t seen the real numbers yet. My fervent hope is that people will realize that after 85 years of mismanagement of these systems by the federal government that the government has no intention of changing the way they do business.
When the social security act was signed and officially came into being the general public thought that was the end of worrying about your retirement. No one thought anything could go wrong. What they didn’t consider was that the federal government would take those funds make loans to big business corporations and not make them pay that money back. Or that they would borrow money and replace them with IOU’s to temporarily fund government projects. These IOU’s were never repaid either.
Many of the soon to retire 75 million baby boomers have been paying into this system to guarantee their retirement. For the last 85 years the government has mismanaged all 3 agencies and it is now apparent that there won’t be enough money to continue to operating the 3 systems. How much is not enough. If you’re standing up while you’re reading this I would advise you to sit down at this point. In 1994 two renowned economists Kent Smetters (national bureau of economic research) and Jagadeesh Gokhale (senior economic adviser to Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank) estimated the total combined financial shortfall of the 3 systems was 72 trillion dollars. Before you ask yes I meant to spell trillion with a T.
The next thing you’ll need to sit down for is coming right now. In the year 2000 six years later the total value of the entire US stock exchange before the crash was estimated at 36 trillion. That same year the total value of the US bond markets was also estimated at 31 trillion. Here is when you should be sitting down. The total value of the US stock exchanges combined with the total value of the US bond market was 67 trillion dollars. Those 2 figures are a representation of the total cash value of the all the investments in the US. The problem is that only 67 trillion dollars was not enough. Which basically means if we rob all the money from the rich in this country we don’t have enough to pay the bill?
Now right at this moment everyone who isn’t ready to face these facts is thinking the government is going to fix this at the last minute. I’m afraid it’s time to sit down again the government has mismanaged the fiscal resources of this great country for over 85 years. They got you into this mess they are not going to get you out. If you look at the most recent appointments of economic leaders to lead us away from this you will find it’s the same people who got us into it.
What are they going to do? I’m sorry but I’m here to tell the truth. The truth is they are not going to do anything. They are going to wait for the inevitable to happen. The worst Elderly tragedy in the history of the United States is only a few years away. The next reasonable questions when it happens what will they do then? I’m afraid the answer to that is they will blame each other. There will be numerous television interviews appearances on talk shows to point a finger at someone. The end result is no one will pay but you.
So now that it is as bad as it can possibly get and the government isn’t going to do anything what do we do? That is the question you should have been asking from the start. The answer is you (which is virtually everyone reading this article) need cash flow now. Notice I didn’t say capital gains money that might be there years from now won’t help you now. You don’t need a job you need an income opportunity. If you get a job all you will do is pay more money in taxes and give the government more money to mismanage. The end result of a job is you’ll pay more in taxes and see your family less than you do now.
The best practical course for you to take that will save you from all this is network marketing. Most of the people reading just felt a lump in their throat because they have heard the term time and time again but they don’t know anything about network marketing.
So now the most prudent question to ask is how you become successful at something you don’t understand and have probably never done before. The answer is follow in the footsteps of the people who went before you. You see there are network marketing opportunities that will give you a product line if you don’t have your own and teach you how to market. This is crucial because there are many opportunities that will give you tools but no education as to how to use them. Network marketing is unique in that it mentors you within the system until you’re strong enough to step out on your own.
There is more, some of these opportunities also have a telephone call center to call your potential prospects and an aweber email service to help you keep in touch with them. Plus a fully automated back office operation center to help you run your business so you can spend time building your business to generate cash flow now. There’s still more training courses to get you started so that you can start becoming proficient immediately. There is still more but I came here to write an article not a book. You get the picture

Monday, August 2, 2010

How to Get Out of Debt Fast With a New Job

If you have accumulated a lot of debt, you may not have the best job to fit your needs. Many people don’t make as much money as they could if they took the time to see the opportunities that are really out there. There are many more income opportunities to make money online than there is off, and this can help people in debt. The old proverb spend less money than you make still holds true now even more than in the past. The problem is in order to do this you would need an automatic pay increase every year. The annual cost of living increase averages anywhere from 2-5% each year the increase you would need would be around 10% annually. Unfortunately the average person doesn’t have a job like this. In fact with the current economy employees are being to take cuts in their pay if they don’t lose their job altogether.

Conventional jobs are not the answer

A job is an acronym it stands for “just over broke” just take a look at the world around you. Your friends and the people around you are in debt just like you. No one set out to be that way one thing led to another. At the end of the day your job just isn’t enough. The question is what to do now.

Avoiding the habits that got you debt from the start

First of all don’t think you’ll be able to get a part time job and quit when your bills are paid. If you don’t change your lifestyle you will just go right back to spending more than you have. Up to now you have been buying on credit because you couldn’t afford to buy things straight out. So the first step is to not buy things you can’t afford. The next step is to change your thinking process from I can’t afford it to how can I afford it without using credit.

The growing power of the online opportunity

The online economy has grown so fast that many people don’t know how much money there is to be made out there. Even as the economies of many nations have not yet recovered from the recession, the economy online is growing. Each year, the public has put more confidence in online sellers and every year there are more products for sale. That market now is expanding to companies selling services on line as well. The old business models are being replaced with new ones in the new business model the office is your home. This is an opportunity for anyone anywhere to start selling online and to get out of debt.

Maximizing your income

when working in Internet sales and Web marketing, there is no limit to how much you can make. It is possible to make more than with your last job. Some people find that their part-time online jobs end up paying more than their full-time day jobs. With this increased income, debts can be paid down, reducing both the principle of each debt and the interest fees that pile up.

Finding an online business opportunity can mean the difference between barely getting by each month and being able to catch up on debts. With more money from an online job, you can even get ahead financially. With debts paid off and extra earnings put into savings or investing, you can be in a much better financial position than the multitudes of people who never make that effort.

Financial success is real freedom

With more money and managed financial risk, the stage is set for real financial success. With extra money that no longer has to pay down debt, you can start investing and creating a platform for wealth. This future means more freedom to do what you want and no more servitude to credit card companies and other lenders.